The Richmond Oktoberfest Committee

thanks all visitors 

and the hundreds of helpers who made the Oktoberfest possible

for their support. We hope that you had a great time.

We hope to see you at the

46th Richmond Oktoberfest!



 at the



at the Richmond International Raceway

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Robert Carle, President

Chris Reitmeier, Vice President


grandmarchThe Annual Richmond Oktoberfest is the largest German / American Oktoberfest festival in the state of Virginia, playing host to nearly 5,000 people over the two day indoor event. This event is a sample of German Bavarian culture at its best. It's for the whole family to enjoy. Don't have a babysitter? Don't worry. Children up to a certain age are admitted for free (visit the Facts page for specific age requirements). The Chicken dance is and always has been a favorite of the kids (young and old).

gesangvereinAt the Richmond Oktoberfest, in the heated / air conditioned building you will find the entire exhibition hall decorated in traditional German flare. The Hall is filled with long running tables adorned with white table cloth coverings with chairs running along both sides, a band stage and large dance floor at the center of attention, and decorated Alpine Chalet booths offering a variety of German Foods including:
hirschjaegerBratwurst, Knockwurst, Broiled Chicken, Pork Roast, & Sauerkraut, Breads & Pastries, Warm, Pretzels, Potato Pancakes, German and American beer and wine, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Bottled Water, Souvenir merchandise, and much more...

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